Capsule-filled drugs are generally powders or granules which are irritating to the esophagus and gastric mucosa, or which are not good in taste, easy to volatilize, easily decomposed by saliva in the oral cavity, and easily inhaled into the trachea. These drugs are encapsulated to protect the drug from damage and protect the digestive organs and respiratory tract. In addition, some drugs need to be dissolved and absorbed in the intestine, and capsule is a kind of protection that protects the drug from being damaged by gastric acid.

Tien Tuan has a range of capacity from 45,000 cap/hr to 150,000 cap/hr, meeting diversified demands of customer. 

The Capsule Filling Machine TCF-xxx can automatically fills the powders/granules/pellets into hard capsule.


Some features 


- Precision and robust construction for stable and long lasting operation.


- Upper and lower guide is designed tightly, driven by oilless bearing, there’s no oil or lubricant contact to product.


- Simple design, easy to clean, easy to change over, easy to maintenance. Springs are hidden for long lifetime.


- Wiper seal is chemical -resistant.


- Turntable made by anodized Aluminum, light, non-oxidized, safety for making medicine.


- Accurate operation for orientation, separating, filling, closing and ejecting capsules.


- Quick changeover within 45 minutes.


- 21 CFR part 11 compliance.


- SCADA available.


- Weight check semi-auto.


- cGMP compliance.





The Capsule Polisher

The Capsule Polisher is an accessory that connects to the outlet of Automatic Capsule Filling Machine. The brushes are operated by inverter. In addition, the machine has a reject function by pneumatic.