Recruitment Process

Job Posting

Our vacancy needs is posted on and other HR websites.

Receive Application Form (Online or directly)

Applicants after reading carefully our Job description can send to us one full set of the application form. Your documents can be sent via post, other HR websites or directly to our mailbox:

Screening process (only valid application forms are proceeded)

One set of application form should include: :

  1. A cover letter by handwriting, enclosed with curriculum vitae briefly describes your education background and work experience.
  2. One set of copies of all qualification degrees and certificates or related documents. Authenticated by authority or original copy to show is required.
  3. The Curriculum vitae is authenticated by local authority.
  4. One copy of Indentification card with authentication from local authorities.
  5. One Copy of permanent residential book, or registration of temporary residence
  6. One original certificate for health check up
  7. 3 photographs 3x4
  8. One copy of decision to accept for leaving the job by previous companies (if any).
Profile evaluation and Phone contact

Valid application forms after screening are evaluated again. Our HR Specialists will contact with you through phone for document clarification and may arrange for an appointment of interview.


The cadidate will pass through 3 rounds:

 + First interview: Our human resource specialist will interview and preliminarily check.

 + Second interview: The session is lead by Head of relevent department focusing on your qualification and experience.

 + Final interview: This session is prepared for certain positions only and lead by Board of Director.

Post Interview evaluation (3 days)

Qualified candidates will be arranged 3 days for get used to new role and work environment. 

+ Benefit for candidate: To have an opportunity to get to know the job and working environment.

+ For us: To have chances to evaluate candidate's skills and capabilities after interview.

After 3 days, if the candidate agrees with job discription and our offers, a probation contract will be signed. Probation time is 1 or 2 months depending on nature of each job role.

Probation Agreement (1 - 2 months)

Starting probation contract, the candiate will receive:

+ Instruction and guidance  to company regulations, general labor agreement, policy and organisation.  
+ Introduction to related departments (for certain positions).

+ Assigned to work with direct manager.

+ Specific assignments for 1 month probation will be given by direct manager.

After probation period, the candidate evaluates their working results by themselves, before being reviewed by the manager:

+ If results are satisfied, the candiate will proceed with contract signing.

+ If results are not satisfied,  the probation contract is cleared under company regulation and under government law.