- Enhanced Safety: Protect your team from exposure to hazardous materials with our sealed enclosure design.

- Contamination Prevention: Maintain product integrity and quality by minimizing the risk of external contamination.

- Improved Efficiency: Streamline your workflow and enhance productivity with our ergonomic design and customizable features.

- Regulatory Compliance: Ensure compliance with industry regulations and demonstrate your commitment to safety and quality standards.

- Versatile Applications: From weighing and mixing to filling and sampling, our isolator solution is adaptable to various processes.

- Seamless Integration: Easily integrate our isolator into your existing production lines or workflows for a smooth transition.

- Elevate Your Operations: Stay ahead of the curve in pharmaceutical manufacturing with our state-of-the-art dispensing isolator solution.


- Isolator’s design follows EU safety regulations, all functions, mechanical parts are made in accordance with ergonomic standard. Users can benefit from comfortable and user friendly operation.

- Isolator includes 2 chambers with 2 air handling systems operating independently. Air handler are placed on top and rear of Isolator.

- Foot and cover of Isolator are made by stainless steel SS 304, main chamber’s body is made from SS 316L.

- Door system include front door with reinforced glass with lock handle and gas spring, side door with reinforced glass with lock handle, transfer door is made from SS 316L and performed by a pneumatic valve, operated with a foot switch or with a control touch display, one bag out port. Moreover, the airlock chamber is fitted with a sliding tray for easy transfer of material between 2 chambers.

- Isolator is controlled by PLC and 12 inches Industrial Computer.

- Compliant with 21 CFR part 11.

- Wash in place (WIP).

- Gloves tester.