Pellet line

In comparison to tablets, pellets have unique characteristics that makes them more and more popular in solid form design. For instance, larger surface area allows binder solution to be distributed more evenly, thus make it become important attribute to drug properties, expecially when immediate release is needed. Furthermore, uniform size of pellets enables uniformity from batch to batch and allow to develop different dosage strengths without formulation changes.


Tien Tuan researches and produces a pellet production line using extrusion pelletizing technology, including:

- High speed Mixer & Granulator

- Extruding Pelletizer

- Fluid bed Dryer & Granulator


To form a synchronous line, machines are designed with many different capacities to suit the specific needs of each customer.


Main equipment in the line is extruding pelletiser. The machine is a "3 in 1" system which includes Dosing, Extruding and Spheronization process.


Machines are certified with CE and can comply to cGMP, WHO-GMP, GMP-EU, PIC/s, GAMP5.