Tien Tuan provides a wide range of Milling solutions for different dedicated requirements. Depending on each specific needs, we have different designs such as traditional Milling machine, interchangeable Milling machine (using different heads for different uses on the same body), standalone Milling machine or integrated Milling on another system, ....


To homogenize the particle size, whether the characteristic of the powder or granule is normal or sensitive to temperature, humidity, .. powder containing sugar or not, we always have the optimal solution for all applications. Explore our advanced Milling technologies to find the right solution for your process.

R&D Fitz Mill

The machine is designed with small capacity suitable for R&D and trial production scale.


Inline Fitz Mill

Inline Fitz Mill is integrated with Lifting system to suck / discharge powder from the Fluid bed.
Fitz Mill control functions are integrated on the Lifting system panel.

Feeding powder flow is controlled by Dosing valve.




Interchangeable Fitz Mill

To suit factories with many product lines who need many different technologies, instead of investing in many machines with each machine for each technology, we have interchangeable Milling machine, allowing customers to simply investing in only one machine with 4 heads for 4 different uses: Fitz Mill, Sieving Granulator, Turbo Sifter and Oscillator.


Standard Fitz mill

The Fitz Mill has a table, the drive assembly is covered from dust. The machine can control the speed by pulley or inverter.