MANUFACTURING OF EFFERVESCENT FORMS IN PHARMACEUTITAL INDUSTRY Part 3: “Granulation method – Process of multi-step granulation by conventional equipment”

Acidic and alkaline ingredients are granulated separately. The two granules are then mixed together, just before adding the lubricant for tableting. Water, alcohols, or hydroalcoholic solutions can be used indifferently as binding liquid also, because this process is a standard wet granulation process.

It is also quite usual to granulate only one of the effervescent sources and add the other one in powder during the final blending. In certain cases, only the acid components of the formulation are granulated and then mixed with the sodium bicarbonate, preferably if it is fine granular grade. Other additives, such as flavors and lubricants, can be then added and mixed later on. This approach increases productivity and reduces costs since one granulation step has been eliminated..

All these possibilities are illustrated in the beside schematic.




(Picture of Granulation Line for effervescent form made by TTP)


In the current circumtance of economics and industry in Vietnam, the technology of multi-step wet granultion for effervescent form is the optimal choice because it is slightly different from the one for conventional forms in strickly drying process and air humidity controlling. It is also suitable with the level of Vietnamese labor resource, easy to control the technology and not required a high investment cost.

The main machines consists of:

 - High Speed Mixer & Granulator – HMG

 - Fluid-bed Dryer & Granulator – FBDG

 - Tilting & Lifting Device – TLT

 - Connection system

 - IBC

The granulation line for effervescent dosage form made by TTP is completely comply with this technology, and had been provided for many domestic and international customers.


This document is to provide a general knowledge in possible technology for manufacturing the effervescent form but how to select the most suitable process for a certain form or product. It is surely not sinple because the technology – processes – machinery is most of time related to chemical and physical property of all raw material. Thus, if you plan to invest in this field, please not hesitate to contact with us by the address below.