Packaging Line

Packaging is the last stage in production carried out for the purpose of safety of pharmaceutical preparations and it protects them free from environmental damages (e.g. humidity or light exposure) throughout their shell life. This process is critical to product quality and also affects the whole business when the drugs reach the patients.

In order to meet such demand, Tien Tuan designed and developed packaging line including 2 main machines integrating with each other.

Following that, blister packaging machine is used to pack tablets, capsules, vials, ampoule in PVC, PVDC, PET, Aclar, Alu. Blisters. Apart from basic function, the machine can be installed additional options to maximize its capacity and increase quality control complying to requirements of GMP.

Blister packs after sealing are transported to cartoning machine for secondary packaging. By automatic blister counting, box folding and leaflet inserting functions, finished blisters are packed following operators’ control.