Through – the – wall Line

The pharmaceutical industry is changing and so is pharmaceutical manufacturing business landscape. Nowadays, there are more and more requirements relating to containment for production. In order to cater this rising demand, TTP designs, fabricates through – the – wall granulation line (i.e. integrated line) not only to protect operator’s health but also to improve manufacturing yield. By implementing new technological innovations such as tangential spray, online monitoring according to PAT, SCADA integration, etc., the equipment’s downtime is significantly reduced and production yield is largely increased.

Besides, through – the – wall design is the optimal selection when cleaning validation, ease of maintenance along explosion proof requirements are taken into account. The dividing panel facilitates separation between working area and technical area that conforms to ATEX guidance.

The integrated line comprises of four main machines::
1. High speed mixer & granulator, model TMG/ HMG
2. Fluid bed dryer & granulator, model FBDG
3. Lifting device with online milling, model TLT
4. IBC Lift Blender, model TLB